Noel Trainor

Noel Trainor understands the challenges that face Hawaii hospitality companies as few others do. His career spans 35 years with four- and five-star hotel and resort properties, including 24 years with Hilton Hotels Hawaii.

Noel is one of the few hospitality professionals in the islands whose experience extends to competitive destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, and mainland U.S. as well as Hawaii.

Calling upon a vast network of professionals, Noel brings people together to accomplish strategic objectives. He is fair-minded, detail oriented and believes in presenting clients with common sense solutions to problems as well as options that enable sound decision-making.

In 2015, Noel was tasked with overseeing the daily operations of Ihilani Resort & Spa during its management transition from JW Marriott to Four Seasons. He also assisted new resort leadership with community and cultural assimilation.

In 2009, he was appointed Honorary Counsel, Hawaii by the President of Ireland and continues to serve in that role to promote business and diplomacy between Hawaii and Ireland.

He also knows how to make great Irish Soda Bread using a recipe handed down from his grandmother. Irish Soda Bread is traditionally served to special guests.


“I have known Noel Trainor for close to 30 years. He is a trusted individual who has always demonstrated the importance of strong work ethics. Full of integrity and strength of character, Noel has managed to ensure excellence in all that he does.

“As general manager of Hawaii’s largest resort hotel, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Noel managed and mentored scores of talented young men and women seeking a career in the hospitality industry. In addition, Noel’s spirit of giving is one to be admired. His tireless effort to volunteer his time for numerous non-profit charitable organizations, one of which is Hawaii Foodbank, is highly commendable.

Peter H. Schall, Senior VP Hilton Hotels Corporation

“Noel Trainor led by example to lift customer service standards in Hawaii’s hospitality industry—to drive for ‘zero defects’—and to beautify Hilton’s 22 acres to be the paradigm for other new properties.

“Noel is fearless in his audacity to garner generous support for others in need. His selfless personal commitment to lead funding drives for the Hawaii Foodbank and so many local charities is legendary. The largesse of Hawaii’s business community is attributable to Noel’s big-hearted panache.

“Mr. Trainor’s reputation for excellence attracted the best and brightest to his management team. With Peter Schall, Noel insisted on perfection: to have our drivers be the most professional, with the newest, nicest and cleanest taxicabs and limousines to be found anywhere. I have known Noel since 1992 and am proud to count him as a partner striving for customer service excellence.”

– Dale Evans, CEO, Charley’s Taxi & Limousine